Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Playroom Redo: In Progress...

I have been collecting knick knacks and thing at goodwill over the last few months and working on Little Helper's Playroom. I really didn't have an idea where I wanted to go with it other than
As I collected things that I thought were cute and interesting it started coming together VINTAGE-Y...
Well and of course, why wouldn't it??
Every thing I see in BLOGLAND and LOOOOVE is Vintage-y...
Ever makeover and redo I love is VINTEGE-Y!
And I everyone I "follow" loves VINTAGE-Y things too....
Thus, subliminally, subconciously, deliouriously, I was led to VINTAGE-Y .99 cent items..
OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH, it is all making sense. now...

So here is the work in progress.... 

Crinkle-ly Wrinkle-ly Red Curtains from World Market
from my Apt. when I was 23 years old...
FREE cuz I had it!!
Valance was $1.49 @ GW
Forse-y from G'amma and Poppa @ her first Bday
$4.99 REupholster glider from GW (fabric was $6) tutorial
And first book she loved READING looking at :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

She Get It From Her Momma'?!

We were watching America's Got Talent the other night and "Little Helper" wanted to sing and dance too.
She put on her tutu and wings and danced and sang to all the perfomances.
She LOVED it!
This one guy inspired her to play her piano and jam too, the rest of the night she continued to play on it sing.
Twinkle, twinkle little star...
Jingle Bells...
Im a little tea pot.... 

I wanted to record her and send it to her Gigi, so she brought over her piano and started
Uh Hum, lemme just make it REAL CLEAR!! :)
I Do NOT Perform...Ok, I sing in the car with her, at church and sing her to sleep

Hope you SMILE!!!
 (P.S. Life Without Whiteout is not liable for head or neck injury resulting from watching this video :) HEHE! ) Silly phone won't rotate it, URGH!

THIS IS "HER SONG" she loves to sing it to sleep or have me sing it to her at night.

She has either picked it up from church or her uncle brian who is an awesome praise and worship leader. Either way it touched my heart to hear her sing and GET INTO IT!
Hopefully, this is a gift and she will continue to bless us with her singing...

{Don't you love when you hear an amazing singer....

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Custom Frames for my Glasses

You see this girl...

She copied me!!!!!! :) LOL!
No she didn't, but we did purchase the same glasses!
At the time of purchase I already knew that I wasn't fond of the side temples arm thing-ies.
So, I knew I must do something about it!!
Especially because we work together and hang out I need something not exactly the same as her...
People already mistake us for the same person...
I KNOWWWW, Really?? :)

HMMM, I see...we're both BROWN, Brown hair, brown eyes, played college softball, and are pretty loud and obnoxious!!
Maybe I see the resemblance?!?!? NAH!!
 Anywhoo, I knew EXACTLY WHAT I would do....
It's exactly what YOU would do!!!

Sha' I know..SO EXCITING!! :)

So here we go...a $12.95 pair of glasses with temples/arm thing-ies  not to my liking.

(of course I wouldn't be doing this to a $200 pair of glasses because if I had paid that much I would buy them if I hadn't LOVED them from the beginning.)
White Prescription Glasses $12.95
Click here if this is your first time reading and want to know where in the world I would get such an awesome item :)

Silver and Red Swirly sides (temples) ???

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wedding Bliss: A Photography Story

I've mentioned before that I have dabbled in photography for some time...
And lately I have doing more jobs....
You know, mostly friends of friends who have referred me...

The wild thing is that these jobs were out of my comfort zone,
Like WEDDINGS, and Corporate Events...
(did you hear that? my heart sunk into the pits of my stomach)
Excuse me, I just wiped the sweat off my palms EVEN TALKING ABOUT IT, hehe..

No, but seriously, I was soo nervous to do these jobs because I wasn't confident in my work, considering I do not consider my self a professional. But the people that referred me and requested me have the confidence in me and that is what I filled myself with in order to complete these jobs..
I can't explain how excited I am that I DID IT...It ignited my photography passion again! :) Don't get all crazy thinkin' I'm going full time or anything but I will be doing more jobs, more often :)
[which might mean less crafting :( what's a girl to do with only 24 hours in a day]

{I still will not claim I'm a professional and I have a lot to learn but I have begun to enjoy taking larger jobs and excited for the ones that I have booked in the future.}

With that said, I wanted to show you what I have been working on; a WEDDING!!
I LOVE the pictures so far and there are like a thousand, so I will spare you the hour of your like that you will never get back and show you a few. :) I have chosen some images that are fun and different without revealing too much before the Bride gets a chance :) 
(I am sending her them right now too :)) I will post again on all the FAVORITES, that are SOO romantic!!

Hope you like them....(Feedback is welcomed, I want the bride ("princess" to Little Helper) to be happy! :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

America's Next Top Interior Designer???

On a recent trip to TAR-jay, I discovered that my Little helper has been absorbing some
decorating style....
I OWE it to you BLOGLAND....
She sits on my lap asking,
"WAS' DAT, Mommy?"
"D'as Purdy, Mom..."
"You like it, Mom?"
about all your wonderful tutorials and posts..
(I will not take credit, ever, for her being a decorator, I am only inspired by your, all credit to you guys :))

So on this said trip to Le Tar-Jay we, as normal, we wandered around the E-N-T-I-R-E
store.(I know you do it too!)

(Stopping for the occasional [let your child run loose so she doesn't flip out] tangents, like the toy section, or running in the lingerie section. Eh, do what ya' gotta do to get your TARGET fix.
{Actually I thoroughly enjoy these trips with my girl, her personality is a hoot in this store :)) 

We have been wanting some new patio furniture for a while now and I have been ENDLESSLY stalking craigslist and every store for the perfect REASONABLY PRICED set for us. So, we made our usual stop by the patio section and looked at different sets or ways to make the portable CHEAPER and stackable CHEAPER  stuff work. And this is what happened that day. 

(Oh, yeah! As I am telling this story I remebered that she was running ahead of me (the store was dead, people..I promise I am not that person letting my child run wild
ANYWHOOO, she ran ahead and an older gentleman was coming down the aisle, she stepped aside to the edge of the mens athletic section and said "MOM, stop, be careful....and waved me over to the side to let the man proceed, mind you there was a WHOLE LOTTA ROOM to pass :) It was a sweet thought though  )

 Introducing Americas's Next Top Interior Designer.....

"Like D'is Mom?"
Insisting that we put that portable stacking chair RIGHT up against the wicker table.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

O, Zenni, I heart thee!

I have totally mentioned Zenni Optical before....

But this time I am back to tell you AGAIN.

This is not a scam, not an advertisement...
They are not paying me to tell you this...

Matter of fact I am paying them,
$75.00 to be exact....
 $75= 6 pairs of prescription eyeglasses; 2 of them are SUNGLASSES...WOO,WOO!!!

I have recruited some of my friend's who also contribute and donate their LOVE to ZENNI.....

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Forever 21 Haul/TREND ALERT

I try....
I try...
I try...
I have told myself to STOP BUYING CLOTHES!!!
Really people, don't JUDGE ME, I know you have a closet
of the latest trends and the oldie but goodies.
I even had a clothes swapping party to rid myself of things that I LOVED but thought some of my friends might like (or fit into) more.

{if you haven't had a Clothes Swap you must do it!! Invite your friends, have appetizers, dinner and wine. And have at it, so much fun... and you get that dress you love of your friend's that she doesn't want anymore FOR FREE}

I decided to go check out Forever21 and how could you not buy something...URGH!!!
So I thought I would show you what I snagged up and the trends that the are coinciding to give you inspiration for your summer wardrobe.

(P.S. Ladies let's get over it! F21 is not only for teeny boppers and 21 year olds...Go in there and find the latest trends without breaking the bank. And YES, YES, YES we know the quality isn't the greatest but hey, you won't be wearing lace, or liquid metal leggings 6 months from now anyway (not that I would wear either of the previously stated items).Point is take F21 for what it is a "FUN" way to spruce up your wardobe inexpensively)

Friday, June 10, 2011

PB Inspired Bathroom shelf

I know this isn't some
CRAZY, GENIOUS, PB knock off..


It was sooo inexpensive to "copy" this look.

Southwest CHICKEN "bomb" bake

As you may notice I have not been posting on my old scheduled days...
It put pressure on me and I didn't like that.
I felt like there was a lack of quality in what I was writing because "I had to Post" on that day..
So I will not be doing that anymore...
Sorry guys! I plan on still featuring the same content just not specifically scheduled.I got too much on my plate.... Speaking of's a GOOOOD ONE!!

What to do with frozen Chicken and a can of Black beans?


You throw it together with lots of "southwest-y" ingredients and bake it!!!

That's where this recipe came from..A lack of ingredients and lack of a better plan..

Good thing because it is packed with flavor and super easy to make!!


  • Chicken breast- 1 used 2 tenders for this dish. Cut into 1/2 inch cubes
  • can of corn
  • can of black beans (DO NOT DRAIN)
  • 1/2 can of rotel (diced tomatos and green chiles) DRAINED
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground comino
  • handful of  fresh cilantro (chopped into small pieces) 
  • salt and pepper
  • 1/4 cup of lime juice

Add all indredients to a casserole dish including uncooked chicken.

Bake at 350 for 35 min. until most of the liquid is cooked out. ( I honestly had to drain out some of the liquid)

Top with cheese and bake and additional 10 min till melted and bubbly.
sorry for the pictures...still dont have a camera :(

Serve over white rice cuz your husband LOVES white rice...Or over Mexican/Spanish rice. :)

Seriously, I made it up but it is SOO Good...Believe me I am not a tootin' my own horn kinda person...but I gotta share the makin' the tummy happy news..

Friday, June 3, 2011

Just a Thought....Socially Acceptable Excuses

Socially Acceptable Excuses:

In today's times NO ONE wants to accept responsibilty.
NO ONE wants to be to blame!
What does this make of our society?

I am not trying to answer this question, nor am I trying to argue or debate,
but this term "Socially Acceptable Excuse"
Struck me so interesting...
At first I was like HUH???
An excuse is bad, right...?
Excuses are unacceptable, I believe they are unnecessary, right?
Own responsibility and solve the problem, that is what I think, but then as the
Socially Acceptable Excuses were named off and described I understood that I have been programmed and taught to ACCEPT them as "NORMAL" and the more it was elaborated I began to understand...
Since that day it has to continued to be fresh in my mind and I have pondered the results and consequences of our society taking this position and accepting these "EXCUSES" as valid arguments.????

1. (of two things) So opposed in character as to be incapable of existing together.

Definition of IRRECONCILABLE. : impossible to reconcile <irreconcilable differences>. — ir·rec·on·cil·abil·i·ty \-ˌre-kən-ˌsī-lə-ˈbi-lə-tē\ noun ...

1. Restore friendly relations between: "she wanted to be reconciled with her father".
2. Cause to coexist in harmony; make or show to be compatible

There are many matters where we may have "differences" but not being able to "COEXIST IN HARMONY" is only hurting youself. Forgiveness allows you to move forward from that.
Using this as an EXCUSE is silly, it is silly to think that someone actually sat there and coined this term!!
"Hmmm, yup, they can't get along and can't forgive...let's just call it Irrecincilable differences so WE can move on ans stop wasting our time"

A marriage-dissolution system whereby divorce is granted without the necessity of one of the parties guilty of marital misconduct.


These are excuses, as responsible citizens there should be a commitment to accepting responsibity. RIGHT???
WE try to instill these values in our children and lack the effort when we become adults...


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How to do your OWN "OMBRE" HAIR

I needed something NEW, FRESH, FUN...but less dramatic than my previous "DO's" from  this post.

First of all, I must say I am ..
heck not even good at coloring my own hair.. :) But I like the way it came out :)

But let's face it, with a world of information at your fingertips you can "LEARN", "HOW TO" do anything
That is how we have this tutorial...(
I researched many methods and this one seemed to be the most logical and easiest.

Of course I am taking baby steps and didn't go 100% platinum blonde right from the start.

OMBRE HAIR is a trend that has been seen on celebrities...
Of course, I am months behind the trend but it's NEVER TOO LATE to try something new!

OMBRE HAIR gradually gets lighter from the roots to the end.
It starts Dark at the top and works its way to light brown/blonde on the ends.
It should blend pretty flawlessly and there should'nt be a dramatic jump between the colors of your hair. (NOT LIKE DREW'S)
{At least this is the most flattering way I like the style}

This is the Color I used....Made for brunettes! (Bought at Sally Beauty Supply)

I started with Medium brown hair and it did have some semi-permanent color on it from about a month a half ago, from a previous attempt at the ombre style that failed. (This method had you do the reverse action by darkening the top and leaving out the bottoms..didn't really like this method)


Begin with unwashed hair. Part your hair in 6 sections. 2 sections in the front, parting down the middle and grabbing hair from of the ears up to the top of the head. Then part the back of the head into 4 sections; 2 on top and 2 on bottom.

Now begin in each section taking smaller pieces and teasing your hair FROM TIP TO ROOT... Leaving about half the amount of hair orginally in that piece. The teasing helps the highlights blend so they won't look like Drew's...A very IMPORTANT STEP!!


P.S. These are SALON FOILS :) Not foil from home...JUDY!! lol!
And they have a super cool "window" to see processing (also purchased at sally's)


Continue all the way around your head and add the color to the bottoms, not trying to be too precise. That is the point of this look. Sunkissed, grown out highlights...

Process hair for 20-25 min and rinse and wash out...
This was kinda tough with all the teasing. Good LUCK! :)

I'm thinking we're {hubby and I (he's a great helper)} gonna do MULTIPLE PROCESSES to get the color I want...but I don't wanna ruin my hair.. I LOVE IT THO'..KEEPING THIS STYLE FOR A GOOD WHILE.