Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Forever 21 Haul/TREND ALERT

I try....
I try...
I try...
I have told myself to STOP BUYING CLOTHES!!!
Really people, don't JUDGE ME, I know you have a closet
of the latest trends and the oldie but goodies.
I even had a clothes swapping party to rid myself of things that I LOVED but thought some of my friends might like (or fit into) more.

{if you haven't had a Clothes Swap you must do it!! Invite your friends, have appetizers, dinner and wine. And have at it, so much fun... and you get that dress you love of your friend's that she doesn't want anymore FOR FREE}

I decided to go check out Forever21 and how could you not buy something...URGH!!!
So I thought I would show you what I snagged up and the trends that the are coinciding to give you inspiration for your summer wardrobe.

(P.S. Ladies let's get over it! F21 is not only for teeny boppers and 21 year olds...Go in there and find the latest trends without breaking the bank. And YES, YES, YES we know the quality isn't the greatest but hey, you won't be wearing lace, or liquid metal leggings 6 months from now anyway (not that I would wear either of the previously stated items).Point is take F21 for what it is a "FUN" way to spruce up your wardobe inexpensively)

(P.S. Sorry for the awful quality of pictures I haven't gotten a new camera yet :()

 Nauctical trend: (LOVE this trend...trendy now but a classic)

Fashion by Brett Robson

F21 Red tie waist shorts $15.80
 I will be sporting the same exact outfit prolly'. I have a shirt like that; love it when someone else comes up with the outfits for me :)
Stripes are a HUGE part of this trend so GO FOR THAT if you don't wanna look like MEMORIAL DAY every day  :)
F21 Nautical inspired dress $10.50
(gotta doctor this one up a little with accessories and cute shoes!)
love this trend, make summer fun and you can alway tone down this look with a plain white tee. Go for darker hues if you are shy of being bold (dark purple, dark green..and so forth)

F21 Cutoff denim short $11.50
These are a hot Coral-y pink LUVVVE them!
I originaly picked up some highlighter yellow ones but they were WAY TOO tight. I don't like tight shorts, I like them to be baggy and kinda just hang on my lower hips, so I buy 2 sizes up. I exchanged them for
OOBER-PRETTY lavender ones.(no pic :()

Creme Brulee: Summer trend Post
Not my shorts wanted to show you the purple ones!!

Army green, I think $12.80
 P.S. I usually don't wear "SHORT" shorts, I usually wear "CITY" shorts that go down to my knee; but I was recently told that I was being TOO OLD.
Hence why I purchased these BABIES and am in love...Who knew I still had legs ?...:)

I have yellow, army green, and white at home...So EXCITED TO WEAR THEM ALL SUMMER..
Wear Colored shorts with nude sandals or heels, that is gonna be "hott" this summer too.
Runway Daily
Maxi Dress with Scarf

Maxi Dress with Scarf by Ginger_villa featuring leopard print scarves

I dont have a picture of my actual dress.
So I just replicated how I wore it....It was slightly more of a magenta color and I paired it with Gold Hoop earrings. J-Lo Style!
This dress was $10.50 From Forever 21 and I already had the scarf...

This "trend Alert" was spotted on my favorite show
E!News...Jeannie Mae my Blue hair friend told me this is the "CHIC" way to wear this look this season.
I was flooded with compliments that day...Thanks JEANNIE!


(Disclaimer: Beware of Wearing this look if you have a weak bladder. )
Sign HERE                                             .  ;)

F21 $12.50 (grey and really wrinkled)
grey romper

grey romper by Ginger_villa featuring a wrap belt

Plan on pairing it like this possibly with a lightweight cardigan to cover the shoulders..and of course NUDE shoes :)

(not a summer "trend" but you need em')

F21 $10.50
Magenta slouchy tank

Eh, not sure about this tank but it was $11.50
was thinking 'bout pairing it with army green shorts

off the shoulder top, WOO,WOO!
Hope you guys will have fun this summer!
 "BE SUNNY" with fun and bright colors to express yourself SUMMER ATTITUDE WITH YOUR "Ombre Hair"

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  1. I love your style! Maybe after baby number three comes you can help me with a make-over...I am so serious! I seem to have forgotten my style lately...and the jeans and t's every day just aren't gonna cut it!! The baby is due October 6th so you can style me for my favorite season, Fall! Please, please, pretty please :)