Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shabby Chic Earring Holder

I have a jewelry box, DO YOU?

I'm sure you do.....its prolly filled with JEWELS, diamonds, sapphires and emeralds...(where do you live and where is it) just kidding. :)

But if you are a collector of costume jewelry,

or just plain tacky, uh hum, talking about mine,

trendy fun jewelry it will take up all the space in your beautiul hand carved jewelry ARMOIRE, SO FANCY!!!

So I spotted this ultra shabby CHIC  earring holder, many different places on the net. These specifically from the Pottery Barn....

But I always look to my knock-offers and sure enough THEY ARE ON IT!
This tutorial helped me, but really it's a no brainer!! :)

From Kevin and Amanda

 For a mere 99 cents, and leftover materials I came up with my very own!

I picked up a frame for .99 cents on a Goodwill whim....

I was so excited about getting it that I went straight to Spray Painting with

and forgot to take a before picture. (Told ya, I get TOO, TOO, excited or maybe it was because I hadn't had my daily Sonic soda.)


Either way I took a halfway picture and luckily, the back of the frame was still able to scream HIDEOUS at the camera...



Some amazing family portrait once hung in its four corners. and now it will be repurposed! YAY for ME!

It kinda resembles the wood paneling that graced the walls of homes in the 70's....ICK!
Give her a couple of coats of spray paint....

Why do I always call my items HER...???? Maybe cuz I'm pretty-ing them up :)

N*E* Ways couple of coats....

Oh ya, "Pu-Prise," as my little helper says....

{a SNEAK PEEK on an upcoming tutorial, that candlestick holder will be repurposed into an A-HA idea. It will be a project I show you that really really could be a great addisingle tion to any mom/single gals kitchen... CANT WAIT!!}

I had left over JUTE twine from a previous project, I decided to use this instead of wire that had been shown in other pictures.

I used a borrowed staple gun..
I'm trying to get everything in that I think needs stapling before I have to gove it back :)

Staple the twine in a zig zag pattern from side to side until it reaches the bottom and WAH-LA! Your done! hang up your earrings.

I think that I am gonna hang it on my bathroom wall with a couple others like the PB one.
What do you think??

Can you believe they PB charges 49 smackaroo's for that thing....OH MY GOSH, ridiculous!
Even the one's on ETSY are like 30 to 40 bucks.

Also on today's list , little helper got a big girl bed, I ALMOST CRIED :( This is her posing for a picture in her bed for the last time. BOOOHOOHOOO

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Princess and the Frog Birthday

I have always LOVED big birthdays. As I grew up I always had
B-I-G birthdays; my birthday is right near halloween and my Mom went over the top every year.

Everyone dressed up in costume, there was bobbing for apples, our garage became a haunted house and the enitre house was decorated for halloween. It was a big deal and all my friends looked forward to it every year.

So to no surprise my idea of a birthday party has high standards!

But noooooow that I am a mom myself, and realize the work involved in throwing a BIG party,

DON'T KNOW how long, or how many BIG bashes I got in me. 

My daughter is also an october baby and I can hardly wait to throw her birthday parties.

So now that 2 have gone by I wanted to share a little about what I have FOUND in my birthday searching days.....

(DISCLAIMER..once you read this post BEWARE you may be inspired to spend more $$$$ and put it a WHOLE lot more work than you planned.)
But it will be SOOOOOOOOO worth it cuz yo' baby will have the cutest birthday party on the block.

And what makes it the most special is that it is all original stuff that YOU made or thought up with a little blogland help. 

Now for those of you who like "whatever, that is too much work" I don't blame you.


I am even thinking I might take the easy route this year too. So don't fell bad. :)


1st a photoshoot for a personalized birthday card.

I made this "pillowcase" dress for her especially for her birthday, but then it became a costume party. Tutorial on that soon. Super EASY!

Printed on 4x6 lustre. 30 of them @ Walmart for like $4.
Used photoshop to edit. LUV, LUV,LUV IT!

2nd photoshoot for gift table portraits

(URGH, See all those pumpkins in the background, all bought and
 painted in themed colors only to not really be used at the party, 

  Here are some other things I was inspired to do from others in blogland.

Use hat boxes to create different levels on your cake table. OOOH and do you see those chocolate covered marshmallows on the left, they are a winner!

Sugar (CAKE)  cookies.. LOVE! Make cookie dough out of cake mix by eliminating the water called for in the recipe, then make small balls from the dough and bake at 350 for 'bout 6 to 7 min. THEY COOK FAST!
Print themed characters on cardstock and cut in circles, glue to toothpicks and create cupcake toppers. = 
MORE WORK! :) Chocolate dipped pretzels are D-licious!

Tissue paper pom poms hanging from the trees. These are E-Z P-Z! Tutorials ALL over the internet.

Cute name tags for stuff to eat. Even better if you make up cute names for things,  like the purple Kool-aid being named Frog Juice.

Birthday banner from scrapbooking paper and ribbon.

See the garland hanging from the tree? Such a cute idea, print out lots of  pictures of your child and glue it to construction paper. String ribbon through each one and you have a SUPER DOOPER cute garland. This one can be used for YEARS....

And for the finale.....


For the party favors I made FROGGY applique t shirts. A tutorial on this in the future. 20 of these bad boys, will make anyone regret such ambition. Boy shirts had a crown instead of the bow.


Now to give props to my source of inspiration.

AGAIN, BEWARE!!! You'll be OBSESSED inspired for your next party.

 Of course you can look anywhere but this is my favorite site with SOOOOOO many good ideas! 


The Resurrection of an 80's lamp.....

If you are anything like me (I hope not) and you have things lying around the house that are perfectly good still

I mean, I'm talkin' the old 1980's abstract art, or maybe a really old dresser that you have had since you were a kid.  

but FORTUNATELY your style has evolved and you think...

What to do,What to do??............
Think...think...ok, 2 months have gone by....think, ok now its in your garage; OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND, RIGHT?

How bout' Goodwill...Salvation Army.. (DO IT, I'll BUY IT!) or maybe try to sell it on craigslist??

Well lemme' tell you a little story bout' a Lamp that was resurrected and now lives in my bedroom shining oh' so bright with all of its beauty. (Actually, I really love it but I might change the color soon) again.

Here she is....Poor thing :(  Ugly Right??

Or can we say, "your 2000 late" or that's SOOO five years ago ( I HEART CLUELESS)! It's ok, she can't hear us, plus anyway, we all need a makeover once in a while. Well, how could ya' not just wanna throw in the towel and donate her? I did wanna'..... but they, yes there are 2, were my husbands.

BTW...He has been such a trooper letting me paint this, mod-podge that, and who else knows what I have been doing to our house :)

So during my blog stalking surfing....

Ok, wait let me BACKUP, did I mention I am OBSESSED with Pottery Barn and Anthropologie decor, UHH-B-SESSED! Countless hours from my mobile device, desk and laptop staring at catalogs and dreaming of a home as such. Anyhoot, I FOUND a whole world of PB, Anthro-, Ballard Designs, Restoration Hardware KNOCK-OFF-ERS.


I discovered amazing Lindsay over at and I about DIED.  You have to check out the tutorial cuz she will go into detail where I, caffeine induced hyperdrive forgot to take all those in between pictures.

She took this...

Goodwill find

 and made this...

P.S. The PB lamp was $159 bucks..NO THANK YOU! Linsdays $10!
PB's $59 lamp shade, UH NO!


OK, this is where the Gates of Heaven opened and the AHHHHHHHH! song is belted loud from within. "Thank you Lindsay" says she, the lamp.

So I was inspired, my lamp KINDA looks like that -ISH, I mean same shade, kinda sorta...
But I was a little anxious about the writing part, What would I write on our shade ?

So search some more.....

And these images had me thinking, I WANT SOME COLOR!



TA-DA! Oh WHAT A GLORIOUS DAAAAY, WHAT A GLORIOUS WAY, That You have saved me........(praise and worship song from church, a really happy good one too!)

Isn't she beautiful??!! I mean for a few bucks, of course I dream of designer porcelin next to my bed, NOT :) The color may be changed soon, it may be a tad to turquoise-y for me, might tone it down a bit. But I am so ax-cited for her. 

Oh, yeah didn't mention that I am in the middle of re-doing the bedroom. Moved ALL the furniture by myself!! SHE-RA! :)



And here is my little helper.....

So much fun.!!
  • Paint $1.07 at HL (HobLob)
  • Burlap 1 yrd $2.99 @HL, have leftovers you'll see more (ILOVE ME SOME BURLAP)
  • spray adhesive $4.99 but had a 40% coupon
So, Whatev', dont know how much that it is, but is CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP, next to buying a new $30 lamp. Plus I have materials to do another one!!! HOORAY!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

In the beginning........

This is the story ALLLL about how my life got flipped turned upside down....

I'd like to take a minute just sit right there and tell you how I became the... JUST KIDDING, I love. that. song. I KNOW EVERY WORD! :)

Please. Please. Please. If you are expecting something inspiring, full of thought or emotion don't read any further! :) Actually, its just like watching WIPEOUT, only less painful and less hilarious.  It's that mindless, stare into space, how did I get here kinda place.

I was inspired to start this blog because I am SOOO obsessed inspired by blogland. I have been stalking surfing it for months now and have begun turning my house upside down painting and MOD PODGE-ing everything in sight.

                          MOD-PODGE, funny word right? :)

I will attempt to show you how to make things (that might fall apart in a week), OH, and also know that although I may explain things very well ?? or not...I get very excited to do things and don't always complete them with 100% diligence. (Which is why they probably fall apart)

But it is fun doing it and less exspensive than going out and buying new things all the time.

 There will be some recipes, some funny stories, and some "REALLY??? you do that" kinda posts. All fun stuff I have originated or yes, COPIED (the best form of flattery), from other people. But they are so great I have to share!

ANYWHOOOO, expect the randomness of life here, misspelled words, and writing like I'm talking (not speaking)....and sometimes I go PUNCTUATION CRAZY!!!! :) Like, I think they make me seem like I'm a GOOD writer. (I'm NOT) :) Ramble, Ramble, Ramble....TOO MUCH CAFFEINE!

Maybe you will be inspired to share your life and I can stalk  read your blog. :)