Thursday, June 23, 2011

America's Next Top Interior Designer???

On a recent trip to TAR-jay, I discovered that my Little helper has been absorbing some
decorating style....
I OWE it to you BLOGLAND....
She sits on my lap asking,
"WAS' DAT, Mommy?"
"D'as Purdy, Mom..."
"You like it, Mom?"
about all your wonderful tutorials and posts..
(I will not take credit, ever, for her being a decorator, I am only inspired by your, all credit to you guys :))

So on this said trip to Le Tar-Jay we, as normal, we wandered around the E-N-T-I-R-E
store.(I know you do it too!)

(Stopping for the occasional [let your child run loose so she doesn't flip out] tangents, like the toy section, or running in the lingerie section. Eh, do what ya' gotta do to get your TARGET fix.
{Actually I thoroughly enjoy these trips with my girl, her personality is a hoot in this store :)) 

We have been wanting some new patio furniture for a while now and I have been ENDLESSLY stalking craigslist and every store for the perfect REASONABLY PRICED set for us. So, we made our usual stop by the patio section and looked at different sets or ways to make the portable CHEAPER and stackable CHEAPER  stuff work. And this is what happened that day. 

(Oh, yeah! As I am telling this story I remebered that she was running ahead of me (the store was dead, people..I promise I am not that person letting my child run wild
ANYWHOOO, she ran ahead and an older gentleman was coming down the aisle, she stepped aside to the edge of the mens athletic section and said "MOM, stop, be careful....and waved me over to the side to let the man proceed, mind you there was a WHOLE LOTTA ROOM to pass :) It was a sweet thought though  )

 Introducing Americas's Next Top Interior Designer.....

"Like D'is Mom?"
Insisting that we put that portable stacking chair RIGHT up against the wicker table.

"Ok, Mom right here...Wha' you think Mom? "

 AND THEN IT BEGAN......Wha' you think Mom? (A new phrase...phrase of the day)
"Wha' you think Mom? "
"Wha' you think Mom? "
"Wha' you think Mom?"
"Wha' you think Mom?"
I can't help but smile; she was so stinkin' cute!!!
She was soo serious. :)

"And this one? Wha' you think Mom?"

 I just want to remind you that this is her doing and she wanted to take a picture with all these items...

 And the grand finale......
Finally got her out of "seasonal".
And across is children's bedding??
Why would they do that to a MOTHER?? :)

Aye Dios Mio!! ADM!! Oh my word!!
She proceeds to the aisle and says:
"Help me make my room Mommy!"
-I replied "Um, I have been "making" your room for months now", SHEESH, :) 

She decided to look at the area rugs and pull everyone out and set it in the aisle and say:

YUP, you guessed right!
"Wha' you think Mom?" with her hand on her hip...
"Eh, that doesn't match babe."

OOOOHHH, but the green one....I tell her "I think that one matches the best"

"K, Mom take a picture me, see if it matches my room"

She posed herself............Say wha??? Capitol H-A-M!
HMMMMMMMMMM, I can See it NOW......TA, TA, Tun!!!!

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 Diaries of Decorating Wars !!!!!!
Happy Almost Friday!! 
Thanks for the Inspiration!!