Thursday, November 3, 2011

Time in Jpegs

I have been neglecting you!! Yes, blogspot, LWW, I have been neglecting you.
I hear you calling,
I hear you whispering,
HECK, I hear you screaming for attention...

I lack time, and you have suffered...Let me tell you what I have been doing.

In fact, let me show you in a very simple way I will upload my life in jpegs.
You will be able to see what I was doing for yourself,
so that you may feel like you were there.
I love you and have not forgotten about you! :)

And lots of photo sessions this month!!! it has been soo much fun!! LOV E!

SO, you see my love I have missed you but  I have been very busy. Being productive working not just neglecting you.. I hope you are proud and not jealous...there will be a time that things will slow down and I can show you LITTLE HELPERS big girl room!