Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Playroom Redo: In Progress...

I have been collecting knick knacks and thing at goodwill over the last few months and working on Little Helper's Playroom. I really didn't have an idea where I wanted to go with it other than
As I collected things that I thought were cute and interesting it started coming together VINTAGE-Y...
Well and of course, why wouldn't it??
Every thing I see in BLOGLAND and LOOOOVE is Vintage-y...
Ever makeover and redo I love is VINTEGE-Y!
And I everyone I "follow" loves VINTAGE-Y things too....
Thus, subliminally, subconciously, deliouriously, I was led to VINTAGE-Y .99 cent items..
OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH, it is all making sense. now...

So here is the work in progress.... 

Crinkle-ly Wrinkle-ly Red Curtains from World Market
from my Apt. when I was 23 years old...
FREE cuz I had it!!
Valance was $1.49 @ GW
Forse-y from G'amma and Poppa @ her first Bday
$4.99 REupholster glider from GW (fabric was $6) tutorial
And first book she loved READING looking at :)

.99 cent Napa Wine Crate thing-ies from GW
Now, Book shelves

 3 -Dollar Tree frames jazzed up with paper and vintage alphabet letters I googled.
And a .99 cent black frame from GW with another googled image. 
On top of the "shelf" I used a GW .49 cent vase with a pink daisy.

PB inspired hang your children's artwork clothes line thing-y
with jute twine I already had
and Target Dollar spot JUMBO clothes pins
Close up of the "wall Art"
I'm a little Tea Pot print out!

Alphabet Vintage Medallion Banner
google the how-to, Super easy and cute.

Vintage Alphabet Paper Medallions

$3.99 GW shelf, my best score!!
They are always like $10 still there, it even still had all the parts to hang up.
.99 cent vintage tin (wonder if it is worth $$ {like on American pickers} :)) 

OHH OHH this awesome Restoration Hardware metal tool box from GW, $3.99,
crayons and markers!

Things to still work on..........
 Sooooo excited to paint this Playroom mat!! And the table....

This is the MADNESS that I still must get a hold of....ARGHHHH, Drive me nuts everytime I see it...
Organizing all of it, just to making it CRAZY MESSY in 2 min FLAT!!!

This toy/garden outdoor storage box will be painted too!!!
This thing is
HUGE!!! And it hold A TON!!!

Hopefully I will get to posting the tutorials for the medallions and the Wall art soon.

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  1. looks so sweet! I found a napa wine crate at a thirft store too...I was thinking of putting tiny diapers in it, but after seeing yours with books I might just have to steal that idea :) love it all!

  2. love it. love it. LOVE IT!! teal and red! what a fun combination! can't wait to see what you do with the picnic table!

    i would love it if you would share it at my tip-toe thru tuesday party (open til friday)

  3. It looks great! Gotta love when everything comes together. Thanks for linking up to this week's Catch a Glimpse party!

  4. thanks for linking up with my party! just wanted to let you know that i'm featuring it this week! stop by and pick up your featured button! hope to see you again this week!