Wednesday, June 22, 2011

O, Zenni, I heart thee!

I have totally mentioned Zenni Optical before....

But this time I am back to tell you AGAIN.

This is not a scam, not an advertisement...
They are not paying me to tell you this...

Matter of fact I am paying them,
$75.00 to be exact....
 $75= 6 pairs of prescription eyeglasses; 2 of them are SUNGLASSES...WOO,WOO!!!

I have recruited some of my friend's who also contribute and donate their LOVE to ZENNI.....
(who also bought super dooper cute pink one's but forgot them for the photo shoot and will be purchasing an order at the end of the month with my new order, splitting shipping :))
Big Ballin' Red cat-eyed Frames
$19.00+ anti-reflection=$23.95

(who didn't listen to me and go with $6.95 but she love these, also has another order on the way and plans to buy 2 new pairs each pay period; this is from a girl who hasn't gotten new glasses in 7 yrs)

Yes, I'd like to say,

HEY ZENNI sponsor me some glasses,

I have sent plenty of people your way, HOOK A SISTA' UP!!
Better make it fast before I buy them all up before you reach me. :)

Zenni offers over 3,000 different frames...
metal, plastic, titanium, bifocals, single vision, kids, S/M/L frames and every color you can think of....
Also, even HOLIDAY frames...So cute!!!

Prices range from $6.95 to $45.95...
I personally like to stay in the $7-$12 range I mean hey, can't beat that..

Especially, since I like to buy really silly and FUN colors!

Lenses come with the frame free, if you want to add extras like anti-reflection, and all those other lens upgrades it is $4.95. You need to have you prescription from your eye doctor and include the PD (pupillary distance) you can pick up this information from your optomitrist. Sometimes they will give it you over the phone.
You can also add tint to make your glasses  into sunglasses...
Ok, you know prescription sunglasses are a BA-ZILLION dollars,

THANK YOU ZENNI for snazzin' up some summer SHADES that I can SEE in!!!

White Sunglasses with 80% Amber tint

(my model who has yet to place her order becuase she can't decide from the 22 frames she put in her favorites, but she very soon will be a ZENNI lover, cute model for now :b)
Green Aviators w/ 80% grey tint
("camera happy" didn't modeling the other sunglasses)

Shipping is $4.95 and your order will arrive within  2weeks  unless you add tint which will take longer. But I recieved my order with 6 pairs including sunglasses in 2 and half weeks. Patience, me, I can wait!!  

Happy Hunting...
 and if you get some, send me some pics of your hot new SPECTACLES!


  1. Thanks for sharing this! Does it matter that I'm practically blind and have to wear bottle cap glasses?? I usually have to pay an arm and a leg for mine. I've had the same pair for about three years!

  2. Ooo I LOVE ZENNI! Bought 3 rad pair of frames for a whopping $36 + shipping. I'm loving your red ones tho!! XOXO

  3. SO CUTE. I love the yellow pair. Did you get the lenses that came with them? or upgrade? I asked my doctor and he said to go polycarbonate. But I was thinking, either get two cheap pairs or get one nicer pair. Let me know!

  4. I recently purchased 3 pairs, plus one pair of sunglasses for the gargantuan price of $84. I totally love Zenni too!

  5. have you bought any other tints recently? I've seen amber, grey, blue, and pink, and yellow, but never the purple. I want to buy the purple tint but would lvoe to see what it looks like.

    Also I'm considering the yellow and red glasses you have. are they comforable? they don't pinch the sides of your head do they?

  6. I was looking on the Zenni site and I saw those frames and i was like those would be so cute as sun glasses so I did an image search and found the exact sunglasses I wanted! I am so happy I could see them with the tent before I buy. So Kudos on the glasses super cute!