Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wedding Bliss: A Photography Story

I've mentioned before that I have dabbled in photography for some time...
And lately I have doing more jobs....
You know, mostly friends of friends who have referred me...

The wild thing is that these jobs were out of my comfort zone,
Like WEDDINGS, and Corporate Events...
(did you hear that? my heart sunk into the pits of my stomach)
Excuse me, I just wiped the sweat off my palms EVEN TALKING ABOUT IT, hehe..

No, but seriously, I was soo nervous to do these jobs because I wasn't confident in my work, considering I do not consider my self a professional. But the people that referred me and requested me have the confidence in me and that is what I filled myself with in order to complete these jobs..
I can't explain how excited I am that I DID IT...It ignited my photography passion again! :) Don't get all crazy thinkin' I'm going full time or anything but I will be doing more jobs, more often :)
[which might mean less crafting :( what's a girl to do with only 24 hours in a day]

{I still will not claim I'm a professional and I have a lot to learn but I have begun to enjoy taking larger jobs and excited for the ones that I have booked in the future.}

With that said, I wanted to show you what I have been working on; a WEDDING!!
I LOVE the pictures so far and there are like a thousand, so I will spare you the hour of your like that you will never get back and show you a few. :) I have chosen some images that are fun and different without revealing too much before the Bride gets a chance :) 
(I am sending her them right now too :)) I will post again on all the FAVORITES, that are SOO romantic!!

Hope you like them....(Feedback is welcomed, I want the bride ("princess" to Little Helper) to be happy! :)

 So, that's a couple from the 1,000... I can't show you too many the bride is still waiting herself.
It is sooo special to be a part of someone's wedding; when you walk into their home and they have a wedding portrait on their wall that you took, it is a very surreal and proud moment. 

To make a small lasting impression on someone's life; when you capture an amazing moment of HAPPINESS and JOY
they will look at it forever and count their blessings and remind themselves what is


"....But the greatest of these is love."
1 Corinthians 13:13


  1. Oooh pretty! Can't wait to see the rest! The wedding was beautiful!!

  2. BEAUTIFUL! Love the groom one...the sun in the background- So pretty!! And his face! priceless....great shot.

  3. great job girlie! I am in love with the first pic of the dress...and the groom sweet!! I know they will love and cherish them always!