Sunday, June 26, 2011

Custom Frames for my Glasses

You see this girl...

She copied me!!!!!! :) LOL!
No she didn't, but we did purchase the same glasses!
At the time of purchase I already knew that I wasn't fond of the side temples arm thing-ies.
So, I knew I must do something about it!!
Especially because we work together and hang out I need something not exactly the same as her...
People already mistake us for the same person...
I KNOWWWW, Really?? :)

HMMM, I see...we're both BROWN, Brown hair, brown eyes, played college softball, and are pretty loud and obnoxious!!
Maybe I see the resemblance?!?!? NAH!!
 Anywhoo, I knew EXACTLY WHAT I would do....
It's exactly what YOU would do!!!

Sha' I know..SO EXCITING!! :)

So here we go...a $12.95 pair of glasses with temples/arm thing-ies  not to my liking.

(of course I wouldn't be doing this to a $200 pair of glasses because if I had paid that much I would buy them if I hadn't LOVED them from the beginning.)
White Prescription Glasses $12.95
Click here if this is your first time reading and want to know where in the world I would get such an awesome item :)

Silver and Red Swirly sides (temples) ???

Get your:
Mod Podge
and fabric
 or scrapbook paper of your choice.
1.Trace the arm of your glasses,
{if you are using scrapbook trace on the undersideof the paper so that it will be right side when you glue it}  
2. Brush the arms with mod podge and place your cut out piece of paper/fabric on the arm.
3. Repeat on the other arm of the eyeglasses.
4. Let it dry for about 10 minutes.
5. Brush MORE Mod Podge on top of the paper/fabric to seal everything in. Make sure to brush glue on the edges so that they will be sealed down as well. (allow to dry for another 10 minutes.)

 I will BE DIFFERENT than the Single Brown Female :)
The paper that I used kinda took on a different look on both sides...Super excited to have a white pair of glasses that are a little bit more subtle than RED,YELLOW,OR GREEN :)

 A Little Mod Podge can save the day! You just never know...
P.S. My Girl Judy is amazingly beautiful and her glasses look amazing on her!!!



  1. Such a clever idea! Great job and they're so adorable!

  2. This is uber cute! Visiting from Dittle Dattle :-)

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