Sunday, July 24, 2011

Friday Fun Fact!! {SUPERTASTERS??}


Are you a "super taster"?

"Supertasters" taste everything with an intensity
far greater than the average person.

That means things are 10 times spicier, bitter, sweeter to them; so much so that they don't really like very many things.

Supertasters tend to dislike strong, bitter foods like raw broccoli, grapefruit juice, coffee and dark chocolate. This group accounts for about a third of the population.

Another third of the population are considered "Nontasters."

Nontasters think everything taste the same and
are not really easily excited about the taste of food.

This group is the most likely of all three groups to prefer food that is intensely sweet.

And lastly the regular tasters....
Nothing is overbearing or intense, hopefully you are this :)

So which are you????

Why would it matter.....

Because Supertasters typically eat less in general...
There are typically categorized as "picky" eaters, when in fact, they just dont like things because they are too intense for them. This would lead to certain types of vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

They do however tend to consume more salt than "nontasters" due to the fact that they mask bitter taste with salt....

 "Nontasters" tend to develop eating habits than can lead to obesity and being overweight because they are pleased with taste of all foods....
especially Intensely sweet ones, consuming more calories

Find out which type of taster you are!
there are 2 ways....

1. look at your tongue in the mirror; if you have significantly more "taste buds" than others (look at your friends' tongues, so people won't think your weird) then you are a

Beware of salt and make sure you intake enough vegetables and fruit!!

If you have significanlty fewer then you may be a NONTASTER...
Beware of the SWEETS!

And hopefully you are just "Normal" with a normal amount of taste buds.
You make like and dislike things evenly.
2. you can do it the fun way!! punch a hole in a index card. place a drop of blue food coloring on your tongue. and put the of the index card on your tongue, count how many taste buds are in that hole if you have 25 or more
fungiform papiliae...
you are a SUPERTASTER!!


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