Tuesday, July 19, 2011

30 Before 30 {winning something}


 We decided to take little helper to the race track on 50 cent night, because she LOVES "for-se-ies" and they had a petting zoo and pony rides.

And then we wanted her to see them WUNNING WILLY FAST!!!

AND I Won SOMETHING...Not bingo but I won at the horse races.
#23. Win Bingo
  I am not a gambler but a very knowledgable couple in front of us, educated us on the process and encouraged us to just put a dollar or 2 for fun. So we decided just to try to pick the horse that "WOULD WIN" or #7 to win....We bet $2 on 3 different races pick whichever horse was a pretty color of the jockey that had a cool uniform. Right before little helper was about to melt down the last race we were there for put $2 on horse #7 (my horse) and

HE WON!!!!!
the big billboard said a $2 bet paid 480,
yup, you read it right... four eight zero!!!
Oh ya!oh ya! mommy needs a Louis Vouitton!

Don't mind the hideous picture of yours truly...It was a hot day and we went on a whim! :)

But then when I cashed in my ticket it was
Oh well I was just super excited I won!!Still wanna yell BINGO once in my life :)

Initially I wasn't gonna share my list BUUUUUTTT eh, maybe it'll keep me more on it.....

Thirty Before Thirty
1.2 random acts of kindness
2.Go see marfa lights
3.Record a song
4.Learn a song on guitar
5.Plank on something awesome
6.Ghost riding
7.Picture of Layla and Mom everyday
8.Yes man day
9.Make a dress and wear it
10. Maybe owl now
11.    Pay off Target card
12.    Prank Charles and load it on youtube
13.    One day that I let my husband dress me
14.    One day that I let layla dress me
15.    Young me, now me picture
16.    Take a picture of all my old houses
17.    Pretend like I have style and not be embararssed
20.    Develop a signature look (I think I have with my glasses)
21.    Surprise Charles with something (did that)
22.    Read the whole bible and find out who I am like (I love David's stories and identify with him, want to seek more identifying people for me to learn from)
23. Win Bingo

Still trying to figure out more things to do!!


  1. #24. Get pregnant with baby #2 :)

  2. Awwww...your little helper looked like she was over the moon happy riding that horse :) and whoo hooo for your big win...hehehe BUT....you did win and now you can check that off the list!