Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Heffalump Story :)

Defintion: A fictional, elephant-like creature mentioned in the Winnie the Pooh stories by A. A. Milne.
This is a story of a girl who turned into a HEFFALUMP....
No, Really only for a short time and then she turned back.
It's a tale of courage, and love,
(meant to spell it that way :){s.a. thing})

A tale of triumph and glory...
A rollercoaster of emotions
And a rollercoaster of massive LADY LUMPS :)


The story begins.....

WHO'S THAT???????????????????

 ME !!!
LWW writer before her fingers were small enough to key one letter at a time :)
 37 months....PREGNANT.

I mean 37 weeks pregnant...
I had these maternity pictures done on a sunday and I had "little Helper" the next sunday....

{NOTE TO SELF: Do not take pictures this far along! It is not cute! :)}

If you are wondering...
I gained 60 pounds :(
I started at a tiny meager 119 pounds..
And checked in at 179.


(so texan, the tony lama part :)

Uh hummm!
Yes, I can hear your crtiticism and lecturing.... :)
I honestly don't know how 20 gallons of ice cream in your refrigerator affect you that much??!!?

Yes there is only one 7lb 15 oz. baby in there. And No, I did not have Gestational Diabetes...
And Maybe I did have Pre-Eclampsia, still wonder about that till this day..wasn't diagnosed though.

Really though, to my defense I was retaining an OBSCENE amount of water...
You could prolly' squeeze my cheeks and they would stay like that (hence the massive cheeks I have in the picture)

 Idid lose 35 pounds straight out of the hospital...

SOOO, I lost majority of the rest of the weight nursing little helper and just BARELY lost the rest.
Oct. 2008- Jun. 2011
And am back to my O.G. weight. 2 and a HALF years  LATER!!!

I wasn't really serious about losing the weight till this Jan.
 you know this year is the B-I-G year

 B-I-G 3-0!

Any wayZZZZ,
This Heffalump has retired her trunk for some MAC and some INSANITY(the video)

Recent picture...:) with my BFF tiffany :)
The worst thing about my weight gain was in my face, I couldn't take it!!!

I wanted to share my atrocious pregnancy weight gain with y'all....
If you have a pregnancy story you want to share with me...FEEL FREE. It is liberating and Empowering to GET YOUR GROOVE BACK!!


  1. are beautiful...then and now! Inside and out!
    I am almost 29 weeks along now...pray for me!! It's hot and I'm only saving grace right now is the in-law's swimming pool. Can't wait to get my groove back!

  2. @CarmellaI hope you got a laugh out of this one..Can't believe its almost here!!