Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tickle my Fancy Tuesday

I have absolutely NO vision for Little Helper's room. There are so many ideas I wanna attack...
YES, ATTACK...I wanna jump on them and eat 'em up :)

So, I posted the tulle bedskirt here and that's a keeper...Very STOKED! :)
Here is another thing I want to STEAL,COPY, KNOCKOFF from PB.
But I don't really know if it will go with?????? I don't know what I'm doing so..

 I will make it anyway :)
Remember these.....
Goodwill find. :)  You see, vision! And you find what you need! I think these might work :)
Check back soon :)

Calling all OVER AMBITOUS peeps? Do you know these rubber mats for kids?

 You can do this to it!
Check out Sarah Wandering for tutorial.
HOLY BA-JEEZERS!!!RIGHT!!!???? She's amazing!

I don't think that I will go ALL PICASSO on it, but I can see it as a great accent in my playroom project :)

I'm going for this color combo in the playroom. Green and red.
(P.S. I have a ton of these mats in my garage 'cuz MI ESPOSO (husband) is a coach...All about using what I have :))
I have seen these mats at Ross (Dress for less, that is the whole name right :)) for like $14.99

So, stay tuned for this one...I am thinking it will be a while though..If you get to it first LET ME KNOW :)

And lastly, I saw these and they are soo refreshing because EVERYTHING has been WHITE.White silhoutte's of everything, which don't get me wrong.. I LOVE!

But if you don't have a place for all that white in your house....

GO BLACK, (you may never come back!)HEHE!
West Elm catalog
You can find little "chotchkie's"....

A small piece of worthless crap, a decorative knick knack with little or no purpose.]
 West Elm doesn't think so $24-$34 isn't worthless crap

...like this everywhere at your goodwill; cows, birds, rabbits, cats, dogs....GO for it!

Of course I have a bizillion things I "FANCY" but this week my heart lies here. :)


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