Monday, March 7, 2011

Easy Custom T-shirts

I am in love with the TARGET ULTIMATE tee for my little one..
It fits PERFECT....So she seriously has 50 of them..:)
Everytime I go to the baby section I pick up a white one, you can never have too many.

Well since she had so many and eventually they would become too short on her
(she is petite, typically can wear a size beneath her months)
I tried to figure out what I could do with them...and here is what I found :)
Basic idea, sew fabric on the bottom of the tshirt. It is actually pretty easy. My husband gave me the
singer pixie sewing machine for craft's (about $40 on amazon) 
It is great for crafting jobs and small things. So, I completed a couple of dresses for Little helper and they were cute....

But remember how I said sometimes I made things that fell apart, these were one of those projects.
I attribute it to my lack of sewing skills.
That's ok though, it was cute while it lasted!

The idea was cute!!?? But this was a FAIL! Can't believe I let her wear it out
:( LOL!

I think I will just stick to making the Custom tshirts and skip the skirt part :)

Most people think of iron-on tshirts as CHEESY things in high school, with a little IMAGINATION and INSPIRATION you can make your own really COOL t-shirts....

Bob Marley shirt made for 20 month pictures..when you wash it, it takes a vintage-y feel! LOVE!
Here are a few templates that I made using photoshop and will soon be adding to new tshirts for little helper :) I just iron them on and I mean it's a $5 tshirt that she'll grow out of quick anyway. :)

For TRACY, one day I will get it done :)
A father's day shirt for SISHA, this one we'll have to do again!
I'm loving the vintage kitty!


For baby Danny, ONE DAY!!

Little Helper has this one on a dress...It is STINKING CUTE!

OF course, these are just googled images, you can do it too!! :) Use your imagination! :)

P.S. Some Iron-on sheets are better than others, I couldn't really tell you specifically which ones but, you'll have to try them out :) I'll do a tutorial next time, but it's simple, just follow direction on the transfer sheets and make sure you "MIRROR" your image.

Let me know if you make some!!!


craft I linked up here, check out all the great crafts out there at your finger-clicks! :)


  1. Little helper, too cute!

  2. Visiting from tip me tuesday. Great idea! I love the Audry Hepborn one :)

  3. I ove the Audrey one and would like to transfer them on canvas shoes! Do you think it,s possible, how do i tranfer ar all? :)