Sunday, March 6, 2011

PB Knock off (Tulle Bedskirt)

BEWARE, you are beginning to embark on an adventure of no return!

In the description of this blog "Life Without Whiteout" I clearly state that I am a THROWER-ER TOGETHER-ER of things....

so when a project takes too lonnnnnnnnnng-
(like over an hour) my caffeine A.D.D.  kicks in and I wanna throw in the towel.

However, this project meant a little more to me.

It's for Little Helper's big girl bed! :) She was soooo excited for this bed that was passed down from her GiGi, that I was on a mission to make this the bed she would LOVE to sleep in.

(SO she won't wanna sleep in our's hehe)

 Here she is when she first got it!!
As you can see she quickly learned to jump on the bed. GEEZ! 
So a while back in a Pottery Barn stalking craze, I happened upon this GORGEOUS bedskirt.
Elizabeth tulle bedskirt, $149 in Little helper's size.. SHA' Right!!!(WAYNE"S WORLD)
So here's where the story get's a little hairy,
um, that's a saying...(not so sure I like it but it works in the context of this story)
And no I am not an 80 woman using that saying either!

{ I'm not very good at sayings but I knew this woman once who
 ALWAYS got them wrong and it was the most hilarious thing.....

Here are some examples for fun :)
"Oh, I got a freezer burn"-from an icee (UMMM NO, YOU GOT A BRAIN FREEZE)
"He's not gonna be a happy hunter" (UMM NO, HAPPY CAMPER) 
ANYWHOOO, I just always laugh when I think about that :) }

I googled for my Knock-offers and there were a variety ways of doing it... This being the most popular "EASY" way ( It really is easy click there to see the tutorial) CUTE too!
Click her for tutorial :122 designs
I have used this technique in the past, GO SPURS GO!
and it is very easy but its not the look I am going for....

The Turorial I decided to use had NO PICTURES....URGH!!

SO, I found that for a twin size bed you need: Pick the Color of your choice
  • 2-4 meter pieces of tulle off the roll (you have to get this one in the fabric, not the little spools)
  • 2-2 meters pieces
  • and a spool of ribbon color your choice
TOTAL: $11.14 (with a bag of M&M's and a 40% coupon)@ HOBLOB
  • Also you might need NO SEW Glue to get the ribbon on if you don't wanna sew ($2)
  • Twin flat sheet

And NOW IT GETS ANNOYING! :) Tulle is not the easiest fabric to work with.
gets everywhere and sticks to everything, so its very tough to lay it all straight at such long lengths. I highly suggested getting a helper.
  • So I used a twin flat sheet that I had lying around  and layed it out flat on the ground.
  • Get your first 4 meter strip of tulle and fold it in half width wise, which will make it the appropriate "BEDSKIRT" length
  • Now pin the tulle along the length of the sheet. Pinch it every 6 inchs or so to create a ruffle effect. (when I put the sheet on as a bedskirt the pins were hiding,you can also stick them into the box spring too){I told you I was a thrower-er together-er}
  • Finish doing this along the the "long" sides
  • Do the same process pinning the 2-2 meter pieces, one at the foot of the bed and one at the head of the bed.
  • Do not connect them at the edges this will allow you to use them with a headboard and footboard.
NOTE: you can play with it...if you want a fuller effect, you will have some tulle left..!


Now, this isn't what little helper's room will look like in the end,
BUT I WAS SO STINKING EXCITED on how it came out I had to show you
I STAGED the room a little bit....And actually, here, the ribbon isn't even on. OOPS!

I WAS LIKE O-MA-GOSH, O-MA-GOSH, jumping up and down :)!! LUVVVVVVVE IT!
It was worth the work.

Their's $149 (Momma can get some new shoes :)
Mine $10

I actually have tulle left over because her bed is against the wall until she gets used to it...Thinking I may knockoff this next :)

Too much Tulle???????????
I see FELT AND TULLE....ES NO PROBLEM AMIGO :) What do you think?
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  1. Too much tulle?? Nah!!! ;)
    GREAT job!!

  2. So freaking inspire me! Taylor will have a new bed in no time too! Keep em coming!

  3. I think I will hire you if my next baby is a girl to decorate her room!

  4. Makes me wish my teenager was little again so I could try this!

  5. Love it!! It looks fabolus :)

  6. fantastic job!

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    check it out.

  7. This looks great! I do have a question about what you use the 2 - 2 meter pieces of tulle for?

  8. I just wanted to let you know that I featured your bed skirt! Thanks for linking it up to my party! :)

  9. How cute and THRIFTY too...hop over at share it at my NIFTY THRIFTY party and enter my current giveaway (I think you will like it). LOVE your header:)


  10. You did a REALLY good job! Little "ballerinas" would love it!!!! I'm going to have to make some!

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