Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tickle my Fancy Tuesday

The New pottery Barn Catalog came out for Spring, WOO-WOO!

I can see these on our little patio :) SO ACITED!

These bad boys are $79 dollars a piece........SCREECH! WT HECK??
PB's $64 branches can stick em' (haha get it?) where the sun don't shine :) just kidding, that wasn't nice!

These cherry blossom branches are to DIE for, they really just pretty up the room.

I have the pefect idea to make my own, cuz I made like 20 for my sister in laws wedding that was just GORGE!
See em'!!!?? All the bridesmaids got together and made them!

back to the picture :).......and with all the white accents. SO PUUURDY!
I am in LURVE!!

If I could just take everything out out my house and paint it ALLL white I SOOOOOOOO would.
So now, I am on the hunt for an all white pitcher....

OH, Goodwill angels, bless me!?!?!?


Can you have Red and green without the Christmas feel??!!

I LIKE THIS ONE, very Anthropologie!
Oh, yeah, I am IN LOVE with Anthropologie too...
The only thing is that I feel like you have to go ALL OUT on this style..one room can't be like this and then all the others are white ( as I mentioned I love white)

Soo, I just LUV from afar!!

But I do have red Chalk board paint that I don't know what to do with.....I was thinking about attacking the playroom with it.....

Colorful for a playroom but not the traditional red, blue, yellow approach.

I like this....HMMMMMMMMMMM????

Inspire me oh, decorating heavens!

Also on the Anthrpologie front, AMBITIOUSLY ATTEMPT to recreate this look that I covet;

Anthropologie Cardigan..Don't think this is available anymore but it was like 1 hundred something dollars!

Sewing is a new venture that I have embarked on....so HOLD ON, this could be a triumphant or massively disastrous adventure! :)


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