Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cupcake/Cookie/Appetizer tray

Remember that little candle holder that I snagged at Goodwill and I told you would be
AMAZINGLY re-purposed....

To do you'll need:
Candle holder
spray paint/whatever paint in desired color
and E9000 or gorilla glue...(something really strong)

I purchased this not-so-cute SHINY baby from Goodwill....

Ewww, the color looks like it got dipped in acid or something

looks kinds cheap-y, NOT FEELING IT AT ALL!

Again, I forgot the Before picture but you can clearly see this ATROCIOUS color I speak of..

But HER curves were kickin'.... and she had such a great base.....
Perfect for this little project!

Well, when I found her I knew what she would be used for and I then began to look for the perfect plate to go on top.

Preferably white, not completely flat, a few curves for a nice look...
then I spotted a beaut' but wasn't gonna pay $2 for one single plate...........................??

It's Goodwill people, I'm a CHEAPO :) Just kidding I have been hunting goodwill long enough to know a good deal!

Keep Calm and Search on!

There she was, a single CHRISTMAS plate, no one's gonna buy 1 christmas plate. RIGHT??

Kinda like a 3 legged puppy amongst all the other cute puppies :( She would always be the last to be picked.

Come and shine my love!

49 cents!! BLAM!

So home they go with their new momma...
When we got home I spray painted the candlestick holder HEIRLOOM WHITE....gave one coat and then flipped it over to get under the curves......

Our "goggie's" were bothered by my spray can!!

While she dried I got to the plate with some sandpaper...I have already admitted my LACK of patience due to excitement, so I will be painting SANS primer.

This was like 3 bucks.. ..I will be using it many more times. Typically I wouldn't buy something for a project at that price. 

....give her vigorous sanding to give the paint something to stick to.
little helper is a good "vigorous" sander :)

I decided to paint her with red chalkboard paint inspired by this, and there are MANY, MANY, MORE like it all over the net.
This is from the Burlap and Blue store on ETSY. I love her blog and there are so many things she inspires me to do! 
I used....
It's like 13 dollars at the Home Depot...However, this was given to me from MI MAMA, for a kitchen door...Not sure about that yet.

Here's little helper painting, she couldn't WAIT!!
Ok, what you don't see is that I left if out and it rained :(

But I waited, waited, and waited, coated, coated and coated and when she was dry I finally was ready to give her a 9th life. 

HER DESTINY!!!!!!!!! A cookie, appetizer, cupcake tray! YAY!!!! HOORAY!!! 

To activate the chalkboard-ism, rub the edge of a piece of chalk all over and then wipe it off.
The residue allows the erasable surface. You are able to wipe it with a damp cloth after 7 days.

I OOBER-excited to show you,
plated cookies on it!!!

Isn't it sooo cute?!?!?!? I am gonna make a ton of these and they will be perfect for a party table...
Its so inexpensive!! They sell these at the stores for like $15-$50 

This one we'll say was a GRAND TOTAL OF $3..GOOD DEAL!!


  1. I love it Ginger! and I LOVE your little helper! I need a beso from her ;)

  2. Super cute!! I would have never thought of that!