Friday, March 4, 2011

Goodwill HAUL

Youtuber's call these hauls.....Typically, a video going over everything that they purchased when they went shopping..

Sounds kinda weird, RIGHT?
Like why would you wanna see what someone else buys!!?? :)
(Especially, when you can't afford anything they bought or you just plain wish you could have it.)

But I actually love watching haul video of stores I like...Like FOREVER 21, or MAC, or drug store hauls.
Because, then I get to see what the store has that I may overlook or see things that I definitely want to go get. Some of the really cute TRENDY girls will go shopping and show you how they piece things together, this gives you an idea of the trend for the season.

Haul videos on occasion review items too, this is helpful in the cosmetic area...

Dulce Candy
Any WAYS you should go and check some out, they are fun!
I always check in with this chick DULCECANDY87 on youtube or She's so cute and has a cute sense of style.

But back to the purpose of my post.... :) I have a GOOOOOOOOOD WILL HAUL!! I was beyond excited about the TRASH, uh hum (clears throat), TREASURE I was blessed with today.

Pottery barn Cal King Bedskirt 7.99!! I'm sure it was like one bizillion dollars before. This baby was unopened Brand new.! What is AHHHHHH-Mazing about this is that it's the EXACT print I was looking for :)))
 I was like HOLY BA-JEEZERS! S-C-O-R-E!

These guys are for a certain "fancy" I mentioned in previous post:)
99. CENTS EACH. except for the little guy. He was $1.99

.49 cents each these are little helpers room

twin bedskirt $1.99

pretty little bird house .99 cents

Shadow box .99 cents...These last two might get attacked by HEIRLOOM WHITE, HEHE!

.99 cents (not a good deal!! same price at the dollar spot at TARGET)  tomato plant that Little Helper had to have for her Daddy cuz he has been collecting these.

Um not sure what these are but they are PURRRRR-FECT for what I'm using them for.
I say I was blessed at goodwill because I found what I was looking for. But that seems to happen a lot these days :)
If you are new to the GOODWILL HUNTING!!

[BWAHAHAHAHAHA that's a movie too, I just love it when I come up with something so CLEVER DUMB.:) I am laughing at myself now,HEHE :) other people think it's corny, but hey you gotta laugh at yourself sometimes.]

You gotta have an idea of what you are looking for, like my Tickle My Fancy post, It is INSPIRATION..I typically make a folder and make an INSPIRATION BOARD! This helps you remember what to look for, or keep all your project in sort.

BELIEVE ME you will get sooo many ideas and then forget about them, or you will pass up AHHHHH-Mazing finds because you forgot what projects you have on the back burner...GET IT, GOT IT, GOOOD.

Hope you are inspired to hit your Goodwill, plus it goes to a good cause.

Happy (Goodwill) Hunting!
P.S. Lookout out for how these guys will be used. :) SO A-CITED!! and go check out some HAULS.

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  1. I feel like your goodwill excerpt there at the end mightve been for me? ;) I think you did a great job! And you are SO right...I get project ADD for sure...way too many things I want to do and try and I lose track of them all. Then when I go our shopping for the stuff, I get myself all confused! I need to become a list maker!! Maybe you just need to take me and show me the ways of the wise. I think you got some GREAT finds...can't wait to see what you do with it all {think I might have an idea;) }
    I'm enjoying reading your are SO goofy :)