Saturday, February 26, 2011

Princess and the Frog Birthday

I have always LOVED big birthdays. As I grew up I always had
B-I-G birthdays; my birthday is right near halloween and my Mom went over the top every year.

Everyone dressed up in costume, there was bobbing for apples, our garage became a haunted house and the enitre house was decorated for halloween. It was a big deal and all my friends looked forward to it every year.

So to no surprise my idea of a birthday party has high standards!

But noooooow that I am a mom myself, and realize the work involved in throwing a BIG party,

DON'T KNOW how long, or how many BIG bashes I got in me. 

My daughter is also an october baby and I can hardly wait to throw her birthday parties.

So now that 2 have gone by I wanted to share a little about what I have FOUND in my birthday searching days.....

(DISCLAIMER..once you read this post BEWARE you may be inspired to spend more $$$$ and put it a WHOLE lot more work than you planned.)
But it will be SOOOOOOOOO worth it cuz yo' baby will have the cutest birthday party on the block.

And what makes it the most special is that it is all original stuff that YOU made or thought up with a little blogland help. 

Now for those of you who like "whatever, that is too much work" I don't blame you.


I am even thinking I might take the easy route this year too. So don't fell bad. :)


1st a photoshoot for a personalized birthday card.

I made this "pillowcase" dress for her especially for her birthday, but then it became a costume party. Tutorial on that soon. Super EASY!

Printed on 4x6 lustre. 30 of them @ Walmart for like $4.
Used photoshop to edit. LUV, LUV,LUV IT!

2nd photoshoot for gift table portraits

(URGH, See all those pumpkins in the background, all bought and
 painted in themed colors only to not really be used at the party, 

  Here are some other things I was inspired to do from others in blogland.

Use hat boxes to create different levels on your cake table. OOOH and do you see those chocolate covered marshmallows on the left, they are a winner!

Sugar (CAKE)  cookies.. LOVE! Make cookie dough out of cake mix by eliminating the water called for in the recipe, then make small balls from the dough and bake at 350 for 'bout 6 to 7 min. THEY COOK FAST!
Print themed characters on cardstock and cut in circles, glue to toothpicks and create cupcake toppers. = 
MORE WORK! :) Chocolate dipped pretzels are D-licious!

Tissue paper pom poms hanging from the trees. These are E-Z P-Z! Tutorials ALL over the internet.

Cute name tags for stuff to eat. Even better if you make up cute names for things,  like the purple Kool-aid being named Frog Juice.

Birthday banner from scrapbooking paper and ribbon.

See the garland hanging from the tree? Such a cute idea, print out lots of  pictures of your child and glue it to construction paper. String ribbon through each one and you have a SUPER DOOPER cute garland. This one can be used for YEARS....

And for the finale.....


For the party favors I made FROGGY applique t shirts. A tutorial on this in the future. 20 of these bad boys, will make anyone regret such ambition. Boy shirts had a crown instead of the bow.


Now to give props to my source of inspiration.

AGAIN, BEWARE!!! You'll be OBSESSED inspired for your next party.

 Of course you can look anywhere but this is my favorite site with SOOOOOO many good ideas! 



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