Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Resurrection of an 80's lamp.....

If you are anything like me (I hope not) and you have things lying around the house that are perfectly good still

I mean, I'm talkin' the old 1980's abstract art, or maybe a really old dresser that you have had since you were a kid.  

but FORTUNATELY your style has evolved and you think...

What to do,What to do??............
Think...think...ok, 2 months have gone by....think, ok now its in your garage; OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND, RIGHT?

How bout' Goodwill...Salvation Army.. (DO IT, I'll BUY IT!) or maybe try to sell it on craigslist??

Well lemme' tell you a little story bout' a Lamp that was resurrected and now lives in my bedroom shining oh' so bright with all of its beauty. (Actually, I really love it but I might change the color soon) again.

Here she is....Poor thing :(  Ugly Right??

Or can we say, "your 2000 late" or that's SOOO five years ago ( I HEART CLUELESS)! It's ok, she can't hear us, plus anyway, we all need a makeover once in a while. Well, how could ya' not just wanna throw in the towel and donate her? I did wanna'..... but they, yes there are 2, were my husbands.

BTW...He has been such a trooper letting me paint this, mod-podge that, and who else knows what I have been doing to our house :)

So during my blog stalking surfing....

Ok, wait let me BACKUP, did I mention I am OBSESSED with Pottery Barn and Anthropologie decor, UHH-B-SESSED! Countless hours from my mobile device, desk and laptop staring at catalogs and dreaming of a home as such. Anyhoot, I FOUND a whole world of PB, Anthro-, Ballard Designs, Restoration Hardware KNOCK-OFF-ERS.


I discovered amazing Lindsay over at and I about DIED.  You have to check out the tutorial cuz she will go into detail where I, caffeine induced hyperdrive forgot to take all those in between pictures.

She took this...

Goodwill find

 and made this...

P.S. The PB lamp was $159 bucks..NO THANK YOU! Linsdays $10!
PB's $59 lamp shade, UH NO!


OK, this is where the Gates of Heaven opened and the AHHHHHHHH! song is belted loud from within. "Thank you Lindsay" says she, the lamp.

So I was inspired, my lamp KINDA looks like that -ISH, I mean same shade, kinda sorta...
But I was a little anxious about the writing part, What would I write on our shade ?

So search some more.....

And these images had me thinking, I WANT SOME COLOR!



TA-DA! Oh WHAT A GLORIOUS DAAAAY, WHAT A GLORIOUS WAY, That You have saved me........(praise and worship song from church, a really happy good one too!)

Isn't she beautiful??!! I mean for a few bucks, of course I dream of designer porcelin next to my bed, NOT :) The color may be changed soon, it may be a tad to turquoise-y for me, might tone it down a bit. But I am so ax-cited for her. 

Oh, yeah didn't mention that I am in the middle of re-doing the bedroom. Moved ALL the furniture by myself!! SHE-RA! :)



And here is my little helper.....

So much fun.!!
  • Paint $1.07 at HL (HobLob)
  • Burlap 1 yrd $2.99 @HL, have leftovers you'll see more (ILOVE ME SOME BURLAP)
  • spray adhesive $4.99 but had a 40% coupon
So, Whatev', dont know how much that it is, but is CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP, next to buying a new $30 lamp. Plus I have materials to do another one!!! HOORAY!


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