Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Too Many Projects, So Little Time


Ok, so that was me screaming.....
Just for a breath of fresh air.

I love my life, I love ALLLL the inspiration the Lord Blessed me with....
But I have been blessed with so much, I need to start learning to have better time management. :)

You see, at work I have learned to multi-task and manage different tasks on deadlines....but once I get home I thought I could turn off my brain...( or least turn it off to enjoy time with my husband and daughter)
All my current tasks really do take little or NO brain activity but its the time consumption that gets me.....

So it really is a matter of TOO MANY THINGS, TOO LITTLE TIME!
  1. Edit Newborn Pictures
  2. Make 4 canvas prints for little helpers new room
  3. make white ruffle pillow for little helper's bed
  4. Silhoutte pillow for little helper's bed
  5. mod podge 4 barbie canvases(?)
  6. complete four image wall art print
  7. Finish painting princess vanity (touch up)
  8. Spray paint dresser mirror black
  9. Spray paint wall cube black
  10. Spray paint chandelier white
  11. Spray paint other chandelier black and white
  12. Complete outdoor lanterns with images
  13. add more tulle to bed crown
  14. make costume 
  15. make food cards for table
  16. make birthday banner
  17. make cupcake wrappers
  18. make chandelier
  19. make treat bags
  20. make balloons
  21. make dessert tray
  22. make centerpieces

Oh my Gosh, first I had these bulleted and then I decided to number them (there are more) and went "holy Ba-JEEZERS!!"

So needless to say, I must return to my daily work duties and multi-task in my brain how I will manage to "MEET MY DEADLINES" on these tasks VERY SOON! :)

Wish me luck, say a prayer, light a candle!


  1. I know how you feel, I have a ton of ideas but just need 2 or 3 of me, maybe even an assistant

  2. Busy, busy girl! Your talent amazes me...I can't get enough of looking at the pictures you have been taking! Just wishing I was closer so I could help you with some of your list :)