Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Gallery Wall?!?!

I am OBSSESSED with pictures!!!
I have practiced some photography for years now and I love pictures.
I love filling my home with pictures of family, and friends, and our PETS :)
My husband does not agree :)
He thinks there's "too much stuff on the wall"
which I tend to agree with.. But hey, It feels like home...

I have ALWALYS wanted to fill this certain wall in our "office" with all our family pictures...
It wasn't flying with the hubby,
Courtesy of Blooming Hydrangeas
Beautiful Family :)

Paper Daisy

Everyone in BlogLAND was doing it and I was able to show him how amazing it could look :)
He hesitantly agreed to let me proceed... :)

It actually takes a LOT of EFFORT AND THINKING to plan it out,
{At least for me it did...}
which is why it took me a while to "GET ER' DONE!!"

I have put up the frames but still need to figure which images I want...
It is definitely a more "Traditional" approach to the Phenomenon ....but it suits our home...

This office room is gettin' a SLOW MAKEOVER..:) I am beginning to think I have decorating A.D.D..
Hopping ROOM TO ROOM one Large DIET DR. PEPPER with Vanilla at a time.  
 I KNOW, I KNOW....wouldn't paint do these walls A HUGE FAVOR??
Baby Steps people...the pictures were a major mountain climbed ;)

What DO YOU THINK?? How shall I JAZZ IT UP?? :) I have a few shadow boxes to hang up there but I am at a block of what to put in them......


  1. Looks GOOD! I think it works perfect just the way it is!

  2. Looks beautiful! I love the giant frame in the middle. I'm obsessed with wall collages too. I have one at the top of the stairs with out wedding photos and some going up the stairs with our initial also. They add a lot of character to a home!

  3. Lookin' Good! Now...can you help me with mine..hehehe! I have an entire (giant) wall going up the stairs that could use some help!

  4. I also love a good family wall, I have one in my front room and I have added a few vinyl words that represent my family.

  5. I LOVE wall collages! I recently did one too and LOVE it! Adds so much character and warmth. Bronson's not crazy about all the holes in the wall but I do it when he's not home and then say, "Surprise!". ; )