Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How to whiten your TEETH Cheap!

Ok, I am obsessed with WHITE TEETH!
Do I have them, NAAAH, sometimes when I stay on top of it
but then I get lazy and after all the
my teeth get a little dingy...
Lemme' tell ya' a girl like me
CANNOT, I repeat, CANNOT go around with dingy teeth

Like this guy!

Big CHOMPERS on the LEFT! :) And my beautiful normal size teeth friend on the RIGHT!
And they are not completely straight, so i am always self concious about them being white.

So I found a CHEAP, INEXPENSIVE solution to whiten your teeth.

Spend about $10 and it will last your forever.

It was recently shown on Oprah's Best Kept Secrets show!!
You can buy this at Walgreens, but if you don't have that in your area you can go here and purchase it online.
I only buy the actual bottle and I think its like $7.
Or you can buy PLUS WHITE TOO, I like DENTAL WHITE better though :)

You DO NOT, DO NOT NEEEEEED the trays that it comes with, cuz you can buy it cheaper at ACADEMY or other sporting store.
But if you wanna a one stop shop go ahead, this is worthy of the extra$$ (like $20)

So the most important part of getting an EFFECTIVE whitetening is the trays.
THEY MUST be formed to your teeth, you can go get this done at the dentist and PAY$$$ up to $500.

Anywho, go to ACADEMY/Walmart or any sporting good store and purchase 2-.99/.98 cent mouthguards.

Yes, 99 cents!!! They are there, don't settle for buying something more expensive.
  • You will have to boil these in water and then they will become pliable to form to your mouth.
Make sure you get a really good form and fit to your mouth.

Your teeth will be WHITE IN NO TIME!!
and you only spent $10!!! WOOO-HOOO!

I leave my trays in for 25-30.
Oh, and many people will say that this will make your teeth sensitive.
This product really doesn't, the one from the dentist DOES...but this one really doesn't.

Kandee Johnson an AWESOME YOUTUBER, has a similar regimen! Go do it, YOU WILL LOVE THE RESULTS!!

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