Sunday, April 3, 2011


Birthday Bash SASH!!
I know you guys have worn one of these SASHES before....
Bachelorette Party!! Woo-Woo!
Homecoming QUEEN! (I hate you!) ( Just kidding :)
Miss USA! Ok, REALLY DON"T LIKE YOU :) Just kidding
Anywho, you get the picture...Us Girls LOVE a reason to wear a SASH
But let's face it,
THey're typically TACKY AND CHEESY
So, My friend and I decided to make one for a VERY SPECIAL BIRTHDAY GIRL!


1 yard of fabric
no sew glue
ribbon or trim
homemade stencil
Cut 2 strips of your fabric 7 inches wide and 36 inches long (lucky for you 1 yard is 36 inches!)
"HEM" you sides with the NO SEW GLUE. Use very little otherwise it will take forever to dry.
Let dry for about 30 minutes. Sash should be about 5 1/2 to 6 inches wide now.

Overlap Right Sides together, one at an angle. This is where SHE will rest on the shoulder.
Apply a line of NO SEW GLUE where they meet to create the seam.
I pinned it as well to hold the form while I had to move it around.
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Here's you will need to measure the length of how long you need your sash to be. Flip the sash and place the glued end over you shoulder and pin the open side together at the right length. At this point it should be looking the finished product. I had about 6 inches left so...??

This picture shows the bottom end. Remember we have to glue right sides together.
Fold the excess fabric inside at the length that you want the sashe to be. 
Glue your "SEAM" here. Pin to hold in place. 
 When dry, cut off excess fabric that's on the inside.

Now, glue on you trim or ribbon.  

For the words BIRTHDAY GIRL..WE decided on silver glitter and I used modge podge to glue it on (NOTTHE BEST IDEA) I will have to try another glue next time..Prolly shoulda used the NO SEW GLUE AGAIN!

Stencil was printed on card stock and cut out with exacto knife.
Using a sponge brush fill in the letter with the glue and sprinkle a ENORMOUS Liberal amount of glitter.
Allow to dry for 24 hour.

wearing it backwards, silly girl! But it's a cute pic!

I will have to perfect this one, CUZ I DEFINITELY will be doing it again.


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  1. hiya , what a great idea ...sing with me now " its my party and i'll wear a sash if i want to " ..hee hee . i am following you now and i came by from homemaker on a dime , hope you visit me sometime

  2. I can definitely use this idea with my daughters. Thanks for sharing this at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop. Btw, I'm following you now :)