Thursday, March 24, 2011

DIY Camera Bag/Purse

So, I don't know if you saw my post about my new obsession with Jo Totes..
The camera bag slash purse!!! :)
Well, yes obsessed!

In my OBSESSED, CRAZED, CAFFEINATED state, I found a tutorial to make my own....
And then I thought, NOOOOOOOO I AM GONNA BUY 1!!!

So fast forward about 6 hours and I got home and thought, hey I have the bag and the fabric...

What the hey!!??? Here SHE IS!!!!!!

HOW TO: click read more
1st find a bag you like. I have had this bag, and thought it's perfect with all the pockets

take some foam... had this from the Boutique wipe case

Measure your purse on the bottom, and sides.
Cut the foam accordingly..

I can't say exactly how much fabric I had, but a half yard would be sufficient

It would be best to sew, but I am a THROWER-ER TOGETHER-ER
 I used Use no-sew glue or spray adhesive

Cut fabric width-wise to the size of foam with a small seam allowance and then
fold fabric in HALF Length-wise

Glue or sew the sides of your fabric, just leaving the "top" open

Stuff 1 piece in the "pocket" and close a pocket there for that one piece of foam
I began using the glue but switched to spray cuz it works quicker.
Definitely, use the glue and let it dry for better quality


  Stuff 2nd and thid piece repeating the closures 

Close the seam on the end..Should look like this...ALMOST DONE!

Fold up in a "U" shape..Middle foam pad goes on the bottom of the purse and the side panels up the sides

I also made little inserts to seperate the lens from the camera.
Make these the same way, like a pillow cover..but leave about
1 inch flaps on the sides so you can add velcro to insert and remove them

 Isn't she BEAUT-IMOUS?!!
I apologize but I STALKED searched a LOT of blogs for this tutorial...there were a lot of different ways and I when I SPRUNG into action this is the way that came to mind and I don't recall where from..But thank you!

(WOO, WOO, this post was featured at Freckled Laundry, Oh, I love her!! :))

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  1. This is fantastic! It is SO hard to find a stylish and affordable camera bag, this is a perfect DIY version.

  2. That looks amazing! I agree it is impossible to find an afforable stylish bag....I love the finished product!

  3. Love it! I wanted to make this for my sister's b-day but hadn't thought to use fabric glue instead of sewing- so much easier! Off to find a cute bag now! :)

  4. I love this idea! Looks fabulous too!

  5. awesome idea!!! i am going to make one --- but first, i must buy a functional bag!! THANK YOU!!