Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chris Rene - Young Homie (The X Factor)

Do you watch XFACTOR?
I don't!!
But I just happened to catch it last night and began WEAPING!!
Yup, if you know me this isn't "NEW" news. I cry about everything.
Forget watching Biggest LOSER, SHEESH; I lose weight from all the tears that I shed. LOL :)
Anywho...I watched XFACTOR last night and this guy Chris Rene was on there. He has"a story" just as most people do, but his story had me rooting for him.. You know when there's a person you meet and something inside just is SO EAGER for THEM TO SUCCEED. You want nothing more than just seeing them "MAKE IT" or WIN or Make a better life. This guys is that guy; and I think Simon Cowell (yes, a judge), Paula, LA Reid, and Nicole, want him to succeed too.
He wrote and composed the music for the original song he performed..
And this is the real reason I am writing a post,
because the lyrics are so
full of love,
a need for grace, 
and a raw freshness of GOD'S mercy.
This may not be "your kind of music" but that is irrelevant...MUSIC should touch your soul....when it's done right...It can bring tears to your eyes, and fill your heart with JOY.

I am praying that the Lord fills Chris Rene with messages to mend broken hearts and heal wounded spirits.

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  1. Is his first CD going to be called "UH UH"? He might be good if he knocks that crap off! IRRITATING!!!!