Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tickle My Fancy Tuesday

Another week has gone by and my TO DO LIST is Growing...

Honestly, I am falling behind,

This week I gave away the very first set of couches I got after college.
It was very bitter sweet :( I never realized it, but I was really attached to them.
They were SOOO cuddly and soft. I will definitely MISS them VERY MUCH!

But they went to a good home and that's what matters!!

Anywho, this week let's see what amazing things I have found!!

Fancy Schmancy Fan Makeover
SUPER Cool!! I mean SERIOUSLY, MOD PODGE addiction is spreading people. :)
Keep your kids close or they might be DAMASK...

Laundry Chic Wall Art
I have seen ONE or TWO Sunburst mirrors/decor around Bloglandia but this is the very first of this kind.
How creative and chic! Another reason to look at everything lying around and Re-Analyze :)

Book Wall ART
All I can say is WOAH! The creativity of people sometimes baffles me...
Growing Chart
SO CUTE!! And she seemed to make it really easily!
Or you can just write on the WALL!! :)

Tons of Great stuff this week out there... I hope if you're one of my friends new to blogging that you have been clicking and venturing farther into blogland space.....


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