Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tickle my Fancy Tuesday

Wow, another week has gone by.... and to be honest I wasn't able to spend much time
STALKING Surfing Bloglandia (Whoever came up with that is so clever :))

Anywho, I crammed last night off my dashboard (a feed of all the INSANELY AMAZING blogs I follow) and I was hit by a truck of

Seriously, Blessed I say because it was loaded this week with AMAZING IDEAS!

And when I saw this I teleported to HOBLOB via wiggling my nose....
just kidding, but I am so on this project.
 So Shabby Chic,
She made these cute frames with wood glue and piecing the stands together! GENIOUS!

I have been Drooling over this project FOR AGES NOW!!
This mirror was the plain one that comes with a house. A little Crown molding and MDF board and VOILA,
Luxury Bathroom! Under $30, YEAH, I know Seriously....

You see that lamp? She covered an UGLY old brass lamp with Christmas ORNAMENTS!
You HEARD RIGHT!! I tell you UH-Freakin'-MAZING!
Ornaments, some people are annointed with the
Decorating AWESOME-NESS gift!!
Dear Jesus, I would love this gift AMEN! :)

Hello up there Brain?? Do you ever see something and just say, GOSH, why didn't I think of that?
Well happens to me all the time; but really this little project from Smile Monsters HIT.ME.SMACK.DAB.IN.THE.FACE...
My Little Monster HELPER
Popsicles, Otter Pops, Freezer Pops!
She always asks for a na-kin, cuz' iss co-de!
THESE ARE FANTASTIC! Thank you, Smile Monster, one happy little monster helper coming up :)

Oh, dear!! I just can't take it....I don't have any more adjectives to describe Uh-MAZING,
GENIOUS, SIC, HOLY BA-JEEZERS, but this project is beyond all those. A custom rug for less than $60! See, how can you not freak, that is just Incredible!

Please go check out all these ladies and BE INSPIRED!! :)

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  1. Well..how in the world could you not be inspired by all of that?!? I am really loving the freezer pop holder...I'm with little helper, they really are too cold :)