Sunday, April 17, 2011

Simmering Sunday (Mini Meat loafs(ves))

A little Rachel Ray love <3.
{this recipe inspired from her}

I used to love my mom's meatloaf when I was little.
But NO WAY, would I buy or order meatloaf ANYWHERE else.
 It NEVER looks good anywhere you go.

Plus, I stopped eating BEEF about 15 years ago.
I only ate chicken and fish up until I got preggo with Little Helper (almost 3 years now :(),
Something 'bout pregnancy made me wanna
MOVING ON :) In this new desire to eat "meat" again I discovered making all my old childhood
recipes with 85/15 TURKEY GROUND.

My heart and tummy are oh so happy now!

You will need:
  • 1lb ground turkey 85/15
  • plain bread crumbs
  • tomato sauce
  • garlic (1 clove)
  • italian seasonings
  • garlic salt
  • parsley
  • salt and pepper

Pre heat oven to 350

Open your turkey meat and place in a large mixing bowl.
Begin to add all of your seasonings. 

 about a tbsp Dried Parsley

1/2 TBSP of Garlic Salt

TBSP of Pepper

2 Palm's full of bread crumbs. It has to dry out the tomato sauce.

1/2 small can of tomato sauce..some people prefer paste this might help dry it up.
(I prefer the sauce to keep pooring it on later)
Add garlic
Add salt LIBERALLY(Dont be afraid because this is a large amount of meat)
 and you should have added ALL these ingredients..YUMMO-Rachel Ray

You will now need to mix all the ingredients. You need to FOLD in the ingredients from the outside in..... try to do this as few to as possible to avoid making meat TOO STICKY!
Score meat in four sections, these will be your mini meat loafs.

Aren't they cute? And they cook SOooo much FASTER than a whole MEAT LOAF.

Poor tomato sauce onto each loaf and sprinkle each with some more parsley. OH MY!! Each bite will have tomato sauce, that is BESTEST!! :)

Put you meatloaves in the oven for 25 minutes..My oven runs a little warmer than it supposed to so you may have to leave them in longer. No longer than 35 minutes tho'.

YUMM-O!! Seriously you will have your family beggin' for meatloaf...ONLY YOURS OF COURSE :)

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