Monday, April 25, 2011

No Reply Blogger !?

Are you a no reply blogger!?!

I love to receive all your comments, they make my day!!
And I want you to KNOW IT!!
Even so, if you win a giveaway, I wanna be able to tell you...
But when you comment and I hit reply it says,


Well really it's not the end of the world....
but I thought it would be helpful to address this since the majority of the comments I receive are this way....
(usually I just show a little love back on your page, but I would love to reply right back to you)

2 things to check!
Go to your Dashboard and click
Edit Profile
The box show my email address should be checked
(if its not, you are a NO REPLY blogger)
Check it and then scroll down under IDENTITY your email address should be in there that is where your comments and replies will be emailed.
#2 View Profile and it should have a link that says email. If not you are a NO REPLY Blogger...

I didn't even realize I was a NO REPLY blogger until I started researching this....
I am currently trying to figure out a way to reply to these comments...

Hope to be hearing from ya' soon and striking up a convo!!
Outtie 5000!

1 comment:

  1. I never even knew! I've checked and I'm ok...I just usually read all my fave blogs in my google reader so don't comment cos that means I have to click on it to make a comment so unless I feel strongly either way I don't bother.....I'm the laziest reader in town :) xx