Thursday, March 24, 2011

Get your Vignette on!

I have been sooo busy learning about LABVIEW...
What is that you say??
Oh, I won't bother you with such useless information..but it is an Electric Engineer and Statistician's best friend..(Blah, I just threw up in my mouth)

But wait, Ginger you are neither of those,
That's why it was so miserable!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I made video's, took pictures and worked on tv shows in college?!?!?)

Looks fun right!?! :)

Anyway I had to get certified for work, so it CONSUUUUUMED the last three days of my life
And it helped me come up with this post.....  Computers and Software are all about DOING, and LEARNING!!

I had the privilege to take photos of my best friends gorgeous newborn.. 5 DAYS OLD!! :) 

{I used to think that newborn photos were "my thing" but I am not so sure lately...
You see it makes it easy to take pictures of a NEWBORN (just birthed to 7 days old) when they sleep
I say these days because this is when they SLEEP the most and you can move them in any position you want. But I have been unlucky in this area lately but I still manage to get some cute ones. :)}

Anyway I wanted to introduce you to the easiest "EFFECT" to make your images looks great.

THE VIGNETTE!!! Click read more....

This effect will create a tinted shadow around your image... drawing the eye to the area you want the viewer to see.

Notice that all of these have a vignette... It makes the picture! :)
Of course there's other editing going on but this is a good place to start!

I thought the best way to show you is through a Youtube video.. since I don't do video tutorial's, YET??
I will use theirs :) This is one way....

and another way....

You can go on youtube and type in any tutorial you want and chances are it will be there....
You will learn by Clicking away...CLICK, CLICK,CLICK! !
play with diffferent buttons and effect
Nothing bad can happen. just save a new file :)

Also is you don't have photoshop, you can youtube whatever softwware you have and search for vignette tutorial...

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  1. Love the labview reference, your photography work is beautiful as always :)